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I was debating if I should tell you this story or not. It actually didn’t happen to me. I had this roommate a few years ago. He was a really cool dude. He was one of those guys that was a lot of fun to hang out with. He had a wild side to him. He had a secret fling with this shemale. Actually, I think she was just a booty call. He was one of these guys that fucked pretty much anything that walked. I used to spy on him while he fucked his shemale friend. She used to moan really loud while he fucked her doggy style. I used to watch him fuck her while I played with myself. The reason why I bring this up, because this scene reminds me of that. I saw him fuck a shemale just like this guy is. They sure did more than just chat. She always made sure that he came. He would also return the favor. I never fucked her. I knew if she fucked my roommate then she probably fucked every guy in town. So, I just watched and jerked off.

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There are times I wonder about porn like this. I’m talking about shemale porn in particular. I know that shemales like her aren’t all that easy to find. Trust me, I go to the clubs and try to find them. But, I can never seem to find any. Well, that isn’t the truth. I say that to make myself feel good. Actually, I do see shemales. But, I never go home with them. I don’t even get to first base. This guy, he’s got all the bases covered. He just loves fucking her hot shemale body. The blowjob that you see here. If that was you, it would be the best blowjob of your life.

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A shemale like the one you see here is something else. I really feel glad that I met her. She is without a doubt the shemale of my dreams. I know I say that a lot. But, all of these shemales are ones that I really like. I only put the ones I like on my shemale blog. That’s because I like to cut to the chase. I’m not going to run around in circles. I’m just like you. I want to have as much fun as possible. To me, sexy shemales are pretty fun. Far more fun than any other type of smut on the internet.

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I like these types of shemales. I always get the feeling like I’m looking at a bad girl. One that I should be afraid of. In a good way of course. Like how you feel when you see a rock and roller. Do they call them rock and rollers? I don’t know. You understand what I’m talking about. A person that’s just so fucking wild. They will try anything once. Even if it doesn’t seem to be all that safe. Like diving off of a stage into a crowd. I’ve seen rock and rollers do that before. You probably have too in a music video.

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